SFJS can provide you with a complete listing of every transaction you’ve made over any time period for tax and accounting purposes. Please email to request a copy of your purchase history.

Most instructors must work within a budget. Trying to decide which supplies to require for their class projects and stay in budget can be overwhelming! We developed a Budget Tool for teachers that have a financial limit. Our Budget Tool is a straight forward worksheet that allows you to select from a list of products, enter how many students are in your class, and calculate your total budget, or the budget per student. We can even tailor the worksheet to your specific supply list. 2018 SFJS Class Budget Tool If you would like a tailored Budget Tool, write to us at

We offer exceptional casting services to reproduce your most popular designs. Casting allows you to meet market demand, increase profitability and spend your time doing what you do best, designing! Choose from sterling, yellow bronze, or white bronze casting. See Guidelines for each metal type. Call today for your personal quote or email us at Guidelines for Custom Casting in Sterling Silver Guidelines for Custom Casting in Yellow Bronze Guidelines for Custom Casting in White Bronze

We offer FREE delivery in the Santa Fe, NM city limits on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Orders called in by noon will be delivered the same day. There is a $20 minimum purchase.

SFJS is a strong supporter of education in the arts. In an effort to encourage new jewelry artisans and reward instructors, we offer a 5% discount on all purchases. This discount applies to everything we sell with the exception of precious fabricated metals. For many years SFJS has supported local schools by offering gift certificates to students who participate in and win awards for their artwork in juried events at schools such as New Mexico State University and the Santa Fe Community College. If your school sponsors a student competition that is either by semester or annually, instructors can apply for our Rising Star Student Award Program so we can recognize promising artisans.

SFJS would like the opportunity to work with you on setting up your new classroom or studio space. Send us your wish list and we’ll put together an unbeatable package price deal! Sign up for discounts or apply for the Rising Star Student Award Program.

We stand behind the products we sell with an unprecedented commitment. There are times when your equipment may need maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, and while most companies will refer you to the manufacturer’s warranty department, we are here to support you. Contact our Tool Doctor, Steve at, or call 1-505-988-9157 for an evaluation.

On a case by case basis SFJS will buy back your jewelry making equipment to be applied as credit to your customer account.  We understand that over the course of a career you may change your focus or you may need more specialized tools, and we are here to support you in that evolution. Local Customers can make an appointment with Steve, at, to evaluate their used equipment and the amount of credit available.  Long distance customers need to send images or video of the equipment running and a description of the condition to Shipping costs to and from SFJS are the responsibility of the customer.

We can prepare a free quote to help you plan your next purchase. Whether you are an instructor, student, entrepreneur, retailer or hobbyist, SFJS can supply quotes in writing. This is often a necessity for government programs requiring purchase orders. We can also advise you about our quantity price breaks. Call 800-659-3835 or email for your free quote. Please note that quotes on precious fabricated metals including fine silver, sterling silver, gold fill and karat gold, are good only for the day of the quote. We update our prices on precious metals daily to reflect changes in the metal markets.

SFJS is fortunate to have Stephanie, a GIA certified gemologist, on staff. She selects our quality stones and can identify the value and makeup of a stone. If you would like a stone identified or are looking for an appraisal, please contact her at Fees are determined on a case by case basis by Stephanie.

SFJS has gift certificates for every special occasion! Gift certificates can be purchased in person at 3200 Mercantile Court, Santa Fe NM 87507, over the phone at 800-659-3838, or online through LINK. Your special someone will have an entire year to use their gift certificate from the date of purchase.

Allow us to personally select your gemstones. If you need particular sizes, colors, or even matching stones, we can do that for you. Just give us a call at 800-659-3835 or email us at with your specifications. Please allow extra time to fulfill your order when we are hand selecting your stones. Volume discounts may not apply to your purchase of hand selected stones, and other terms and conditions may apply.

Every year SFJS sponsors the Jewelers’ Annual Meet and Swap in the SFJS parking lot. Jewelers come together to swap materials, equipment, and stories! What better way to clean up your work space and put a few dollars in your pocket! If you don’t have anything to sell, just drop by and find that treasure with your name on it. Sign up to sell at this FREE event hosted by SFJS on Saturday, June 1st, 2019, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

We offer custom rectangular cuts in sheet and custom lengths of wire.  Many of our customers use this service to get multiple precise cuts and to reduce their labor costs. Our standard silver sheet is 6 inches wide and 36 inches in length and our standard gold sheet is 3 inches wide. The minimum cut we can make in silver is 6”x3/32” and 3”x3/32” in gold.  If your order deviates from the 6 inch width you must purchase the entire amount of sheet; for example you need a 3”x5” (L x W) sheet of silver cut into 1” x 5” pieces. You will need to purchase the full 3”x6” (L x W) silver sheet. We can also special order precious metal sheet to your exact specifications, like the 3” x 5”. Base metals are sold in 6”x6” increments up to 6”x36”. Our shears can cut 10 gauge sheet. Your first cut is free and your first shear set up is free. After the initial set up and cut, the cost is $0.35 per cut. If your order requires multiple sizes, resetting the shear costs $5.00 per adjustment.

Your size requirements can be stated in millimeters or inches. Our shear tolerances are + -.010” or + -.25mm. Please allow for variation of up to 0.5mm. The narrowest that we can cut with precision is 3/32” (.09”) or 2.38mm. Allow an extra day for fulfillment of your order when you request more than 20 special cuts. Metal cut to your specifications is considered a custom order and is non-refundable.

Our Master Jeweler, Bob Hazeltine, brings 40+ years of experience and award winning design to the classroom. We offer comprehensive training in basic and advanced techniques; including lapidary techniques, wax carving, casting, soldering, and stone setting.  Class sizes are limited to 4 individuals. We also provide private instruction. Certificate programs are offered as well. Bob Hazeltine can customize class curriculum to your particular needs. Contact him at 505-400-3274. To view our scheduled classes, go to our Calendar to choose your next learning experience. Don’t live in Santa Fe? No problem. We schedule classes 3 months in advance to allow you time to make your travel arrangements.

  • Scrap Return Requirements – For all scrap transactions we require a Driver’s License to be held on file as per Santa Fe Law. For individuals who do not have an established purchasing history with SFJS we also require a tax ID and a copy of your business license. These documents can be scanned and emailed to, or mailed to 3200 Mercantile Court, Santa Fe, NM 87507.
  • Sorting – SFJS accepts sterling silver, fine silver and karat gold. There is a 1 troy ounce (Toz) minimum per category in Silver and a 1 pennyweight (dwt) minimum per category in Gold. Separately bag and clearly label your scrap by metal type and the following categories to ensure the highest payout value.

Clean cuttings – unsoldered, unheated

Dirty – Heated or soldered



Metal Clay

  • Cleaning – Clean out any non-precious metal from your scrap.  Use a magnet to pick out any ferrous metals (iron-bearing). Brass and copper are non-ferrous and need to be removed by other methods. All stones should be removed from their settings.
  • Scrap Testing – We test all scrap gold and all finished pieces turned in for scrap.  The testing process can be destructive, for instance cutting a piece in half to test the inside.  For a nominal fee we can also test material that isn’t intended to be traded in for credit or cash, this is non-destructive.
  • Shipping – Be sure each of your scrap bags is sealed tightly and labeled with the contents. We recommend double bagging scrap with sharp edges or filings. Shipping and insurance fees will not be reimbursed.
  • Valuation for Insurance

Silver – Weigh your silver scrap in troy ounces. This is the unit of measure you will be paid in. Multiply the weight by 80% of silver market to get an estimated value for insurance purposes. For example, if you have 10 troy ounces of silver and the market is $17.00 then your package value would be $136 ($17 x .80 x 10Toz). The silver spot market is updated on our website daily.

Gold – Weigh your gold scrap in pennyweights (dwt) if possible. There are 20 pennyweights to the troy ounce. This is the unit of measure you will be paid in. Multiply the weight by 80% of gold market and then by the percentage of gold to get an estimated value for insurance purposes. Use 91.6% for 22k, 75% for 18k, 58.3% for 14k and 41.6% for 10k. For example, if you have 10 pennyweights of 14k gold and the market is $1300.00 then your package value would be $303.16 ((10dwt x .80 x .583 x $1300)/20dwt)). The gold spot market is updated on our website daily.

  • Valuation for Payment –The amount paid is a function of the metal type, the metal form, and whether you choose in store credit or cash. We calculate final value based on the metal markets for the day we process your scrap. Your scrap will be processed within 24 hours of receiving it.

While we have many items at SFJS, you may need an item that we don’t regularly stock. We have relationships with hundreds of manufacturers that we can call upon to find what you need. Each of our department purchasing coordinators can best address your specific needs. Call us at 800-659-3835 or email to submit your request. Special orders require non-refundable pre-payment at the time the order is placed.

Each semester instructors provide us with their school supply lists to pre-package kits for their students. This saves the instructor’s time and the students and schools receive better pricing. This service is free to instructors. Our goal is to give our teachers more time to teach.