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Lasting Shine with Silver Depletion

Silver Depletion is an ancient technique that gives you a longer lasting shine on your sterling silver jewelry. Join Bob Hazeltine for this simple process that will improve your finished work. Check out the other videos on our new YouTube channel. Subscribe and you’ll see every time we post a new one.

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Nominate an Artisan Today

We are very grateful for the overwhelming response during our reopening week! To show our appreciation, we are sponsoring two $150 SFJS Gift Certificates for two artisans in need. Consider nominating a fellow artisan who could use help with materials and supplies or nominate yourself. Please share their/your story and send your nomination to

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Price Your Jewelry Right

How can your creativity be quantified? It’s a tough question. In the simplest terms, your artwork will sell for what the market is willing to pay. Your prices will have to be justified with regard to your level of experience, sales history, and the market in which you sell. If you were to sell your

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Our Company

About Us

Long ago in the Land of Enchantment, from the high Santa Fe desert, the wind called us home. Two native New Mexican sisters reunited and embarked on a 30 year journey that would change their lives and the lives of many others. The founders of SFJS, then mere pups, prioritized family over corporate life and aspired to bring a much needed service to a small community teaming with talented artists. Thus Santa Fe Jewelers Supply (SFJS) was born.
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Our Mission

To Build Community, Empower Artisans and Create Prosperity for all!
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Our Community

Santa Fe Jewelers Supply serves over 15,000 local New Mexico artisans as well as a diverse community nationwide and overseas. We have worked with up to 3 generations in many families! We are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and valuing each customer.
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News and Events

JAMS 2019  coming Saturday, June 1st from 9 am - 1 pm, Are you a Jeweler, Artist, Hobbyist, or struggling student  looking for deals on stones, tools, or just looking to free up studio space from the stuff you don't use? It's that time again, a chance to meet and clear out your studio of those things you don't use, or stumble on some amazing finds.  Join us for the our annual event on Saturday June 1st, 9 am - 1 pm, outside in the SFJS parking Lot at 3200 Mercantile Ct. Santa Fe, NM 87507.  The store is open during the Jeweler's Annual Meet & Swap. For additional information contact: Noah by email at, or by telephone at 505.988.9157.
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